Dairytop®, your calf professional

Based on our many years of experience in calf rearing, we advise farmers on dairy farms in the rearing of their breeding calves. With this practical advice, dairy farms achieve the best rearing success.


Dairytop® advises farms on feeding, husbandry and calf diseases as well as management problems and offers staff training. Due to our many years of experience our breeding specialists, create a motivating cooperation with regular, practical advices. We want to achieve best results for the farms. This is shown by healthy vital calves, higher weight gain, lower calf mortality and highly motivated staff.

High quality food and calf needs

In doing so, Dairytop® supports the farms with high-quality food in order to achieve a good weight development of the calves in the first weeks of life. Because the foundation for healthy, high-performance cows with a long lifespan is laid early on when feeding and rearing calves in the very first rearing phase! In addition, Dairytop® provides a variety of high quality branded products for calf rearing.

  • Milk replacer
  • Concentrate
  • Housing systems
  • Drinking systems (Milkbar etc.)
  • Colostrum Pasteur
  • And everything you need to raise a calf

Dairytop® definitely has the right product for you.

Because: calf rearing is our passion.




Holm & Laue offers complete solutions for rearing and feeding of calves. Competent consultants and sales partners worldwide always find the ideal solution for every farm to a professional, animal-friendly and performance-oriented calf rearing.

Innovative products in the program:

MilkTaxi and MilkTaxi Pasteur: the fast and effective feeding of calves in individual and group housing.

CalfExpert auto feeder: individually adapted feeding for each calf.

WeightControl animal scale: the foundation for modern management based on information.

CalfGuide management program: central interface of all tools in the calf barn, collects all important calf data.

IglooVeranda: mobile calf barn with real outdoor climate for healthy calves

CalfTel hutches and FlexyFence: ensure easy work and maximum protection of your calves