Dairytop®, your calf professional

Based on our many years of experience in calf rearing, we advise farmers on dairy farms in the rearing of their breeding calves. With this practical advice, dairy farms achieve the best rearing success.


Dairytop® advises farms on feeding, husbandry and calf diseases as well as management problems and offers staff training. Due to our many years of experience our breeding specialists, create a motivating cooperation with regular, practical advices. We want to achieve best results for the farms. This is shown by healthy vital calves, higher weight gain, lower calf mortality and highly motivated staff.

High quality food and calf needs

In doing so, Dairytop® supports the farms with high-quality food in order to achieve a good weight development of the calves in the first weeks of life. Because the foundation for healthy, high-performance cows with a long lifespan is laid early on when feeding and rearing calves in the very first rearing phase! In addition, Dairytop® provides a variety of high quality branded products for calf rearing.

  • Milk replacer
  • Concentrate
  • Housing systems
  • Drinking systems (Milkbar etc.)
  • Colostrum Pasteur
  • And everything you need to raise a calf

Dairytop® definitely has the right product for you.

Because: calf rearing is our passion.




Holm & Laue offers complete solutions for rearing and feeding of calves. Competent consultants and sales partners worldwide always find the ideal solution for every farm to a professional, animal-friendly and performance-oriented calf rearing.

Innovative products in the program:

MilkTaxi and MilkTaxi Pasteur: the fast and effective feeding of calves in individual and group housing.

CalfExpert auto feeder: individually adapted feeding for each calf.

WeightControl animal scale: the foundation for modern management based on information.

CalfGuide management program: central interface of all tools in the calf barn, collects all important calf data.

IglooVeranda: mobile calf barn with real outdoor climate for healthy calves

CalfTel hutches and FlexyFence: ensure easy work and maximum protection of your calves




Elite – Magazine

Elite is the professional journal for successful dairy farmers that provides its readers with independent, unbiased and comprehensive reports on livestock farming irrespective of breed. The wide range of topics, including reports on experiences and analyses of successful dairy farms all over the world as well as up-to-the-minute research findings and advices, is covered by the professional journal. Renowned authors from all over the world farmers, consultants and scientists as well as a team of expert editors ensure our readers are supplied with top-level information. Elite also offers a broad spectrum of diverse educational platforms besides current reports on various communication channels. For more information click here.



The brand Normi produces and develops premium animalfeed for calves, piglets and lambs since over 60 years. What makes our products so valuable? We have direct access to the best raw material for food production. In our dairy in Zeven, we can choose between the raw material, which we use to gentle produce our milkpowder. That is unique in Germany!

In addition to that we also produce feed for different stages of growth and for stress situations which helps to prevent sickness or provides special minerals for those situations.

The biggest factor of success are our Normi employees- they work in the production, development or directly on your farm. Because we are only happy if your animals are healthy and you are satisfied. Our office employees and our external sales people are committed and reliable and work closely together, to be a loyal and faithful partner for your farm.



Agri-Plastics – the Calf Housing Specialist

Your calves represent perhaps the most rewarding financial investment you can make. More reliable than stock trading, more lucrative than a savings account, dairy calf rearing pays dividends like nothing else. So, you’ll want to “Shelter Your Investment” and grow it in the most effective ways possible – and that means calf housing solutions from Agri-Plastics.

Our hutches are world-renowned for their durability, efficiency and ergonomic design. Whether you need group housing, starter pens or more flexible calf housing, Agri-Plastics can help your livestock begin strong and stay strong.


We make knowledge work. Galaxis is an online E-Learning or trainingsplatform for dairyfarmers and their employees. We train people with short and diverting Videotutorials. To get your work done and bring your dairy on a higher level.



Seit 1981, definiert sich Dairy Spares als Großbritanniens führender Anbieter von Ersatzteile und Zubehör für die Milcherzeugung und Milchviehhalter. Das in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, gegründete Unternehmen, zog 1999 in sein derzeitiges großes Vertriebszentrum in Whitchurch, Shropshire, um. Der Vertrieb hat sich von Großbritannien auf viele Europäischen Ländern ausgeweitet. In 2013 wurde in Frankreich ein neues europäisches Distributionszentrum eröffnet.

Zu den Produkten, zählen unter anderem die Marken :

MILK BAR : Das Kälbertränkesystem für eine erfolgreiche Kälberaufzucht

TRUSTI TUBER : Drenchers vom Tierarzt entworfen – von Landwirten ausgewählt - von Kälber bevorzugt

DRYTEX: Melk- und Veterinärbekleidung

UK Vertriebszentrum: Godwin-Haus, Mullbry Business Park, Shakespeare Way, Whitchurch, Shropshire, SY13 1GR

Europäisches Distributionszentrum:
Dairy Spares SARL, 4 Rue de la Teillais, 35136 ST. JACQUES DE LA LANDE, Frankreich

Weitere Informationen erhalten Sie von Yann MEYER, Verkaufsleiter Deutschland, unter der Telefonnummer +49152 06171248, oder per E-Mail an



For more than 90 years, the joachim behrens scheessel gmbh is operating as commercial partner for dairy farmers in Germany, Europe and around the world.

In the development of innovative products with probiotics, the health of the young animal from day one is our main focus.

Healthy calves mean decreased costs, less work, more fun and a better performance.

mymom® start: paste with long-term effect

mymom® protect: stabilizes gut function when needed

mymom®milchmix colostrum and full milk supplement: all the calf needs

mymom® calf milk replacer: the best for future champions

mymom® profimix complement: avoid problems before they come up

mymom®müsli: apple pomace and maize pops, calves love it

jbs, always as close as your phone.



Calf Star products keep calves healthier

Calf-Star is the leading calf care company in the USA. We offer the complete calf feeding solutions. We develop, manufacture and install calf milk pasteurising systems for any kind of farm size. Our product range varies from Flashpasteurisers with 150 – 300 liter up to integrated system with more than 2.000 l per hour. The unique milk storage tank “DoubleJug” is the only milk tank on the market tailormade for automatic calf feeders. Contact Holm & Laue our distribution partner for all CalfStar solutions!



For almost 40 years, CalfOTel® has been a trendsetter in the development, production, and sale of housing for young calves. We focus on ensuring the best care for these young animals and making farmers’ work easier. Based on the very latest knowledge and insights, we are constantly developing top-quality products that livestock farmers all over the world enjoy using every day. In addition to focusing on animal health, hygiene, and ease of use, we naturally pay a great deal of attention to the quality, durability, and sustainability of our products This is all driven by our slogan: ‘Happy Calf, Happy Farmer’.



As an animal nutrition company, BIOMIN develops and produces feed additives, premixes and services for healthy and profitable animals. In addition to the expertise in pig nutrition, BIOMIN has developed competencies in ruminant nutrition over the past decades. Our research facility in Tulln (Lower Austria) enables us to transfer the latest scientific knowledge into innovative solution concepts for our customers.

For example, mycotoxin risk management is becoming increasingly important in cattle nutrition. Feed additives such as highly effective yeast components or phytogenic active ingredient mixtures are also an integral part of our product range. The importance of calf rearing management is often underestimated. Nevertheless, it is now a recognized fact that calf performance has a major impact on the future milk and meat performance of the animals. The importance of intensive feeding in the first weeks of life is also known under the keyword “metabolic programming”.

Successful calf rearing begins with the birth of the calf. The main goal in the first days of life is to keep the calf healthy. Even with optimal colostrum management, diarrhea can still occur due to a variety of reasons. With plant additives and functional acid additives, the animals are supported in their early stages of their digestive stress.

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